Bronx Workers Compensation Lawyer

For Injured New Yorkers Shulman & Hill is a full-service workers’ compensation and personal injury law firm operating out of Brooklyn.
Shulman & Hill’s accomplished laborers’ remuneration lawyers will perseveringly seek after your case and get you the pay that you are qualified for. Overhauling all of New York City from their office in downtown Brooklyn, they center around giving a customized understanding.

They are kicking off something new in laborers’ remuneration law by blending an imaginative, present day approach with old-world administration and sensibilities. At Shulman and Hill i known to put forth every defense a top-need, and we will remain active by all through the procedure to accomplish the best result, regardless of whether by settlement, preliminary or different methods.=

If you are looking for a Bronx workers compensation layer then Shulman & Hill should be your first choice.

Shulman & Hill
910 E Gun Hill Road Ste.
A Bronx, NY 10469 (718) 652-4700

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