Bushfire Australia 2019

What are bushfires

Have you been trying to find out what are bushfires? Well, the name bushfire is used to describe fires that are in areas of bushland.

People in general tend to use the term ‘bushfires’ to describe fires in all types of vegetation, however to be specific, fires in grass areas are called grass fires and scrub areas are called scrub fires.

what are bushfires

what are bushfires — typical bushland area

To answer the question ‘what are bushfires?’ you also need to know what the term ‘bush’ actually means. The term ‘bushland areas’ or ‘bush’ is a way to describe native forest in Australia.

In the United States, Canada, Central America, Southern America, Asia and Europe, they refer to bushfires as forest fires. These are the same type of fires that Australians would call bushfires.

Australia is not alone in calling such fires bushfires, Africa also tend to refer to fires in forested areas as bushfires and in the United Kingdom they also refer to the term bushfires in some occasions.

The term brushfire is also used in the United States as a way to describe fires that Australians would call scrub fires. Scrub or brush areas are made up of low lying bushes, usually knee to head height, sometimes higher that are in close proximity to each other, such areas also lack trees in a significant number.

What are bushfires — Australian bushfire 2019

Bushfires cause significant damage in Australia every year, homeowners are encouraged by fire services to prepare their home for the bushfire risk every summer. Sadly, every year people lose their homes in Australia and around the world to bushfires.

Fire agencies around the world are starting to focus again on burn offs as a way to reduce fuel loads in forested areas.

There are many things that people can do to protect their home from bushfires, from simply cleaning out their gutters to installing bushfire sprinkler systems.

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