Save The Planet, Recycle!

Imagine floating in the sky in a space shuttle and looking down at the earth. One might hope that looking down you could see all the amazing things put together by humans on this earth, such as the Great Wall of China. While this is the case, there is also one thing that can be seen from space that the humans of this planet should not be proud of – the landfill in Staten Island, NY. Perhaps after viewing this from above it would encourage citizens to recycle!

If individuals begin to recycle there are many benefits to the planet, such as cleaner water for drinking and bathing, and healthier plants and animals. It’s estimated that each year

well over one million sea mammals, turtles, and sea birds are killed from litter. Sometimes this includes threatened and endangered species, and it could all be avoided if the population decided to recycle!

Those unfamiliar with the recycling program may be wondering what they can and cannot recycle! One can recycle glass bottles and jars, aluminum, cardboard, paper bags, newspapers, metal cans, frozen food boxes, empty aerosol cans, and much more. One cannot recycle Styrofoam packaging, sneakers, toxic product containers, and ceramics.

Large items can also be recycled, such as scrap metal from cars, siding, and window/door frames. In addition to being able to recycle these items because it is environmentally friendly, scrap yards are currently paying top prices for aluminum, copper, brass, and other such metals. Loading up a truck with scrap metal to recycle at the local scrap yard could make one a hefty profit as well as help keep the planet a little bit cleaner!

While some cities, schools, and businesses already recycle regularly, it is always a great idea to encourage those in ones own local area to business. Petitions are a great way to let local lawmakers know that many people are interested in helping in this process. It can be encouraged not only to recycle the waste of that individual town or business, but also to help by incorporating the use of recycled papers and other materials into their business methods. The more towns and businesses hear that their citizens, employees, or costumers value their recycling efforts the more likely they are to begin to recycle on a daily basis.

On a smaller level, beginning to help by recycling in ones own home is also a great idea. Every little bit helps. Collect old newspapers, egg cartons, and magazines instead of throwing them out each week and donate them to schools for art projects. Old clothing can always be donated to local charities instead of creating more waste in landfills, as well as old furniture. If old clothing and blankets are not in good condition, local animal shelters are always in need of these items for rags or pet bedding. Remember, before polluting the earth more than it already is, there is one thing to do: recycle!

FrogIt is a revolutionary app that works on the concept of “Joy of giving”, also known as the barter system. Our motive to develop this app is to keep this world cleaner by redirecting a product to someone in need.

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