Bentley is interested in hybrids during NAIAS in Detroit

The company shows a clear interest in hybrid cars, and refuses diesel ones. The eyes of the world auto manufacturer W. Schreiber said that diesel cannot be a priority for Bentley . Therefore, work began on the creation of mixed-type models, the approximate dates for the appearance of the first hybrid are known — in three years.

Major markets, the United States and China, have little interest in diesel engines. They are in demand in Europe, but not all. The Russian driver is not interested in diesel.

Bentley management does not hide its interest in mixed technologies that can provide significant savings and good sales in those markets where the main share falls on gasoline engines. According to the head of the company, the development and creation of the first car with a mixed type engine will take three years. Nevertheless, models on gasoline and electrics will certainly appear.

At the auto show, which is currently taking place in Detroit, W. Schreiber also announced that the company will soon demonstrate its large convertible. It is an open version of the Bentley Mulsanne sedan . The concept of the future car was shown to a small number of interested customers. The reviews were fantastic.

To know more about NAIAS in detroit please take a look at this article — North American International Auto Show Injects Car and Tech Culture into the Detroit Summer

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