Best Sterilize for Baby Bottle: UV Ozone Dual Sterilizer Box


• ★ One-touch switch: Convenient one-touch switch, close the drawer, and then press the switch to start disinfection.

• ★ UV + Ozone: Safer dual protection, professional ultraviolet disinfection tube, while releasing ultraviolet rays, it also releases higher ozone concentration and longer service life.

• ★ Electromagnetic induction switch design: close the drawer disinfection cabinet and start working. Pull out the drawer and the ultraviolet light will automatically turn off.

• ★ Drawer handle: stylish mini appearance, drawer type drawer is easy to operate and more humane.

• ★ Various uses: suitable for beauty salons, etc., it can be widely used to easily disinfect clothes, baby bottle, towels, napkins, tablecloths, blankets, small appliances at any time.

To Buy : Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer

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