Stress-Relieving Sounds of Music

Music serves so many functions… One of my favorites is stress relief. I had a really stressful day, so I decided that I wanted to listen to some good, relaxing music, and write a little. Choosing music to relax by is a delicate process — it has to be easy enough to soothe frazzled nerves, but definitely NOT anything that would be even more depressing. No sad music allowed, but nothing overly upbeat or — God forbid — angry! (Save the angry music for when you need a little boost of courage or motivation to help you follow through.) So tonight I finally decided on a youtube channel called TheOliveTree (your home for relaxing meditative music! Melt away your worries and unwind to our soothing music and relaxing sounds of nature).

The Celtic music is very pretty and soothing, but it’s basically happy music — contentedness would be a good way to describe it, I think. After the day that I had, it’s a perfect way to de-stress. (And much more beneficial than my first impulse — which I didn’t follow through with, thankfully — to get plastered.)

If you like using music as a remedy and a comfort, then I highly recommend TheOliveTree!

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