Bushfire Australia 2019

What are bushfires

Have you been trying to find out what are bushfires? Well, the name bushfire is used to describe fires that are in areas of bushland.

People in general tend to use the term ‘bushfires’ to describe fires in all types of vegetation, however to be specific, fires in grass areas are called grass fires and scrub areas are called scrub fires.

what are bushfires

what are bushfires — typical bushland area

To answer the question ‘what are bushfires?’ you also need to know what the term ‘bush’ actually means. The term ‘bushland areas’ or ‘bush’ is a way to describe native forest in Australia.

In the United States, Canada, Central America, Southern America, Asia and Europe, they refer to bushfires as forest fires. These are the same type of fires that Australians would call bushfires.

Australia is not alone in calling such fires bushfires, Africa also tend to refer to fires in forested areas as bushfires and in the United Kingdom they also refer to the term bushfires in some occasions.

The term brushfire is also used in the United States as a way to describe fires that Australians would call scrub fires. Scrub or brush areas are made up of low lying bushes, usually knee to head height, sometimes higher that are in close proximity to each other, such areas also lack trees in a significant number.

What are bushfires — Australian bushfire 2019

Bushfires cause significant damage in Australia every year, homeowners are encouraged by fire services to prepare their home for the bushfire risk every summer. Sadly, every year people lose their homes in Australia and around the world to bushfires.

Fire agencies around the world are starting to focus again on burn offs as a way to reduce fuel loads in forested areas.

There are many things that people can do to protect their home from bushfires, from simply cleaning out their gutters to installing bushfire sprinkler systems.

You need Fire to Become a Professional Speaker

Do you want to learn how to be on fire as a speaker and become a professional speaker? I like to Burn candles. You’ll be amazed at what candles can do! Candles create such atmosphere and beauty instantly. These little flickering flames can change my mood.We have a picnic table on our back patio where, on many evenings, Tanya and I relax, play cards, and listen to Pavarotti. We watch the radiant California sun setting in the distance. And you can bet on it – the candles are burning! I travel a lot, as you may have guessed. Even on the road, some candles and nice music can turn even the most drab hotel room into a glowing retreat center.

You can gaze at a candle and see it as a metaphor for your own “life torch.” A candle is luminous only when it’s burning…and so are you. When you become a professional speaker you have the royal opportunity to light a flame in a audience each time a speak. As a professional speaker I get to bring some truth and light up new thoughts and possibilities for the company when I stand to the microphone.

I’m humbled by this thought and everyone who’s thinking of becoming a professional speaker should consider it sacred. For me as a professional speaker the Adam Christing blog about 20 Great Quotes To Help You Deliver A Killer Speech helped me a lot.

Organic CBD Oil and It’s Benefits

What is cannabidiol (CBD) oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a natural, non-psychoactive concentrate extracted from the stalk and seed of high CBD and low THC hemp.  CBD is non-psychotropic and therefore doesn’t cause a euphoric high.  Pure CBD oil is packed to offer wide range of optimum natural therapeutic benefits.

Specialized extraction processes and techniques are used to obtain concentrated, pure and organic CBD oil that also consists of several nutrients such as vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, terpenes, chlorophyll and other Phyto cannabinoids.

CBD hemp oil is a rapidly growing industry and there have been great advances in the product development of pure and organic CBD oil.  These have led to the availability of several types of CBD hemp oil products ranging from CBD vape oil, CBD e-liquid, CBD capsules, organic CBD oil drops and much more.

Why CBD over THC

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is found naturally in hemp.  THC is strongly psychoactive and because of its ability to alter your behavior and lose control of what you do, it is a popular drug.

However, CBD from hemp has only trace amounts of THC and is almost completely free of any psychoactive effects while still being abundant in health benefits.

How does CBD oil work and its benefits

CBD oil is known to have significant healing properties with a strong anti-inflammatory effect and is known to work well against anxiety, ulcers, insomnia, neuropathic pain just to name a few.  The medical uses of CBD hemp oil are numerous.

CBD from hemp helps alleviate a wide range of pains and physical discomforts through its anti-inflammatory effects. It helps calm down anxiety and stress in people as well as reduce the incidences of vomiting and nausea.  Through its anti-convulsant properties it is known to help effectively treat seizures as well.

Cannabinoids like CBD are known to work by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a complex system that contributes to a variety of biological processes like inflammation responses, relaxation, sleeping and appetite.  By linking with the two main types of cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2, which are found on cells throughout the body, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, helping it in the regulation of homeostasis — the body’s natural state of balance.

However, unlike other cannabinoids the cannabidiol (CBD) interacts very mildly with the cannabinoids receptors on their own.  They simply work by stopping the effects of whatever makes the receptors work and function less effectively or help other cannabinoids be absorbed better.

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Best Ring Lights Under 50

If you are looking for Best Ring Light Under 50 that are available at affordable price. In today’s online world, In photography, cheap ring light for YouTube videos, ring light for youtube makeup and beauty videos and or the best selfie have a similar advantage, producing the best flattering facial Close-Ups in photography business.

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Gypsyvapes: Which Vaporizer is Best for Me

Vaporizers, although not new are starting to gain more traction than ever. With the amount of people trying to be healthy mixed with the more open use of cannabis, vapes are gaining more traction than ever. Nowadays it seems like every other person is blowing a vapor cloud. They were created in the mid 2000’s but the technology was really outdated. It didn’t start becoming a big hit until around 2011 and has taken off since then. Since the first device, technology has advanced, the kind of materials you can use have changed and the designs are much different

What are vaporizers?

Vaporizers are electronical devices that are used to vaporize herbs or concentrates, be used as a smoking cessation product for tobacco or as a portable hookah. Vaporizing is when you heat up the material just enough to reach below the point of combustion. In other words, you heat the surface just enough to release the active ingredients without burning the substance. This not only makes sure you are not inhaling extra harmful toxins but it encourages the raw flavor and taste of the herbs. Since so many materials can vary including different herbs, they all have a different temperature at which they vaporize at. Technological advancements have made sure that you can change the temperature at which the chamber heats up too.


Discreet – One of the most asked questions we get is “Will the vape pen smell?” While it may smell a bit, it is nothing compared to smoking. The smell is much less than most people would notice. On top of that, it looks like a pen most of the time so whether it’s in your hand or on your desk, it won’t be noticed most of the time.

Save Money – Buying a vape is the only big upfront cost. Instead of continuously buying lighters, joint wraps, rollers and all that, you just buy it one time and enjoy it. On top of that, vaporizers save more herbs because you are using less. The same herb while smoking from a pipe will last you 3 times longer with a vapor pen.

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What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are best described as a loving nudge from your angels to “listen up”.  Angel numbers can be seen anywhere and everywhere!

I personally see my angel numbers where ever I see numbers.  This can be in the form of bills, looking at the clock, the mileage on your car, numbers on buildings, license plates, price tags…etc.  The possibilities are endless!

If the angels are trying to get your attention, you bet they will show your angel numbers in as many places as possible!

How Do I Know The Number I Am Seeing Is An Angel Number?

If you persistently see a number over and over again, it’s most likely a nudge from the angels that they are trying to get your attention.

I check other numbers in my life  (the ones that I’m not seeing frequently) just for a the fun of it, such as my birthday, my birth year, the clock whenever I get the urge to, telephone numbers, house numbers and more.

There is no harm in checking your angel numbers! 🙂 The angels are here to help us.

How Do I Know What My Angel Numbers Mean?

Different angel numbers have different meanings.  Fortunately Doreen Virtue the author of Angel Numbers 101 created a book for deciphering what each and every angel number means.

Before I got this book I kept on seeing the numbers 333, 444, 1111, 777, 555 and I had no idea what they meant.

After I got the book I was able to check my angel numbers every time I got a loving nudge from the angels, needless to say this book helped me a lot!  It let me know at times that I was on the right path, or that there were certain changes that I needed to make right away.

What Does 444, 777, 888, 1234 Mean?

Honestly if you want to know what your angel numbers mean then you need to consult Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue. I kept it with me at all times as a tool to help me connect with the angels better.

Doreen’s book gives a meaning to every angel number from 0-999. All the numbers that have more than 3 digits can be combined for their meaning. For example if you keep on seeing 1111 or 1234 (like I do) then you would combine 1 and 111 or 1 and 234.

Here’s a sample from the book of what the most popular angel numbers means though…


The angel number 333 means, “You are completely surrounded, protected, love, and guided by the benevolent ascended masters.”


The angel number 444 means, “There are angels – they’re everywhere around you! You are completely loved, supported and guided by many Heavenly beings, and you have nothing to fear.”


The angel number 555 means, “Huge changes are rumbling throughout your entire life! To keep these changes on the highest possible course, be sure to keep your thoughts positive, and stay centered in prayer and affirmations.”


The angel number 777 means, “You are definitely on the right path in every area of your life. Stay balanced and spiritually aware so that you can continue moving forward on this illuminated path.”


The angel number 888 means, “This is a very auspicious sign of complete financial support from the Universe. Money is flowing in your direction!”


The angel number 999 means, “This is a message signifying completion of an important chapter in your life, and now it’s time to get to work – without procrastination – on your next life chapter. This number sequence is like an alarm clock, ringing loudly in order to jolt you into working on your life purpose!”


The angel number 1111 as mentioned would be a combination of the numbers 1 and 1111.

So for 1 “Stay positive. Everything you’re thinking about right now is coming true, so be sure that you’re only thinking about what you desire. Give any fears to God and the angels.”

For 111 “This number brings you the urgent message that your thoughts are manifesting instantly, so keep your mind-set focused upon your desires. Give any fearful thoughts to heaven for transmutation.”

So for 1 we already defined it.

For the angel number 234, “You have powerful allies in the angels, archangels, and ascended masters.  They are with you right now, helping you guiding you.”

For the angel number 123, “Simplify your life by letting go of anything extraneous or unnecessary. Ask other (including Heaven) to help you, and delegate more often”

For the angel number 4, “The angels are with you. They send you the number 4 to reassure you that they’ve heard your prayers and are helping you.”

Travel in Style on Your Next Vacation!

Going on a trip is fun, but sometimes getting ready for vacation can be an adventure in itself! If you have a trip in the near future you should start planning now so you can travel in style and turn heads when you reach your destination. You can also look at First love traveling website which is one stop for all your traveling needs.
Once you decide where and when you’re going check out the weather forecast for your destination. Go to the city website and decide what you’d like to do when you get there and then plan your wardrobe accordingly.
While you can expect to need a swimsuit for a hotel with a pool, if you plan to visit museums you’ll need stylish walking shoes. Likewise, if you’ll be hiking you won’t be doing it in heels, so make sure you have the proper footwear.
Make sure you have comfortable clothes for your day trips as well as fashionable outfits for fine dining in the evening. Add accessories for each outfit, and try to mix-and-match so you have more versatility while conserving room in your luggage.
Speaking of luggage, check Lacoste for stylish travel bags, too. You might want to pick up a cosmetic bag as well as a carryon, and remember to pack a change of clothes in your carryon in case there’s a problem with lost luggage and you have to rough it for a day.
Did we say rough it? If you’re going to be hiking remember to pack both sunscreen and bug repellent. Jeans and long sleeves are a good idea, as is a lightweight raincoat in case you get caught in a shower.
Remember, while it’s fun to be a fashionista the main object of taking a vacation is to enjoy yourself and relax. Plan and pack for a few formal occasions but for the most part make your clothing choices comfortable and practical.
Visiting a new place should be an interesting adventure and you shouldn’t expect to spend hours doing your makeup and making a fashion statement every day and night!