Does Affordable Web Hosting Really Exist?

Perhaps it’s the million dollar question attached to a thrifty price tag.  The short and sweet answer is yes: cheap web hosting really does exist.  Web owners looking for a hosting provide may follow the initial question up with an inquiry was to whether or not the services are watered down due to the inexpensive monthly hosting fees.  The answer is absolutely not.  The secret to finding reliable cheap hosting providers, however, is opting for a host with a proven track record of delivering affordable and quality hosting services depending on your web hosting needs.

How Can Web Hosts Offer Services at Affordable Rates?

Many customers may wonder how in fact is it that hosting providers offer web hosting plans at such affordable rates.  There are a couple of reasons for the affordability.  Competition is a huge factor in the reasoning behind cheap web hosting.  With new web hosting companies emerging every day seemingly by the hundreds, the competition tends to drive down the costs.  For example, if web hosting company A provides the exact same hosting features as company for several dollars more every month, chances are the potential customer will opt for the cheaper package offering the identical bang for the buck.

Furthermore, it’s caused providers to advance with the technological times and provide the most and fasted features currently being offered by competitors.  Web hosting features including unlimited storage space, bandwidth, e-mail accounts, MySQL databases, FTP access, respectable network uptimes, cPanel support and quality customer support are generally included in most hosting packages.

Another factor in cheap web hosting is the fact that a single server is shared among multiple users.  By allocating web hosting space to numerous customers, it allows the web host to save on resource and additional maintenance costs.  Although customers share one server, hosting resources such as disk space, bandwidth, free domain names, MySQL and FTP access are shared among customers to support individual websites.  While shared hosting has many advantages, however, it also has its drawbacks.  Larger websites with heavy traffic flow don’t make very good candidates for shared hosting; instead Virtual Private Servers are the better option.


Although there are many more very affordable web hosting providers, it is important to perform in-depth research to find only those hosts that offer an abundance of free features and services at very affordable prices.  Even small business ventures have the ability to launch and maintain a professional-looking website on any budget.  Just remember when choosing a web hosting provider to make an initial assessment of your hosting needs, and then determine which best accomdates your website needs.  If you really want to learn more about web hosting then head to this article — Beginners guide to web hosting

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